Emergency Medicine & Anaesthesiology

Establishing the “Emergency Medical Technician” Profession in Rwanda

Organisation: Austrian Red Cross
Partner country: Rwanda
Partner organisation in partner country: Rwanda Red Cross Society
Training of Emergency Medical Technicians in Kigali

Rwanda is one of the smallest and most densely populated countries in Africa. Despite all the advances of recent decades, medical care still has gaps, especially in rural areas.

In cooperation with the Rwandan Red Cross, local health facilities and the Rwandan authorities, the Austrian Red Cross is developing a training program for the profession of “Emergency Medical Technician”, suitable for the Rwanda context. A total of 76 Emergency Medical Technicians from the Red Cross and other rescue service providers will be trained. The Rwandan Red Cross will operate its own bases at two hospitals, with the aim of managing additional areas after the pilot phase. The efficiency of the training is examined in three phases in order to constantly improve it.

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