Colombia-Germany research program on diagnostics, research, treatment and prevention of Chagas Disease (CD) and emerging infectious diseases in vulnerable groups.

Organisation: Medical Mission Institute
Partner country: Colombia
Indigenous village

Partner organisation in partner country: The Secretariat of Health of the Governor’s office of the Department of Cesar, the Public Health Laboratory, Secretariat of Health of the Department of Cesar, the Valledupar Municipal Health Secretariat the Organization Wiwa Yugumaiun Bunkuanarrua Tayrona (OWYBT), DUSAKAWI EPSI and IPSI (health care providers), the Foundation University Area Andina

Chagas Disease is a widespread disease in Latin America, affecting particularly vulnerable groups such as the Indigenous populations in Colombia. Premature death and severe health disabilities are common consequences. In addition, the Indigenous also suffer from emerging infectious diseases. In order to improve the situation, we are pursuing a holistic/one health approach, that includes all medical care, clearing and surveillance of affected regions, further education and training, and important research issues. Based on our previous project, it has been possible for the first time to unite all responsible authorities, organisations and affected persons in this program, so that a sustainable improvement of the health- and health structures is to be achieved.