Social Medicine

Further development and improvement of Palliative Care in the Muleba District in north western Tanzania by supporting the Palliative Care Project at Ndolage Hospital

Organisation: Hand in Hand mit Nangina e.V., Osnabrück
Partner country: Tanzania
Partner organisation in partner country: Ndolage Hospital
(Owner: Evangelical-Lutheran Church in Tanzania-North Western Diocese/ELCT-NWD)


Palliative care means disease-relieving care for seriously ill people with incurable conditions such as tumour diseases, HIV/AIDS, chronic neurological diseases, paralysis, strokes, blindness or non-healing wounds. In rural regions of Africa, such patients and their relatives are largely left to their own devices. The aim of the project is to improve Palliative Care in Muleba District, a rural, extensive region in northwest Tanzania. For this purpose, the Palliative Care Team already established at Ndolage Hospital, currently consisting of two employees, is to be increased to 10 employees, who will be trained on the medical, nursing, social and spiritual level under the aspect of the holistic concept of Palliative Care. Through the training and involvement of village health workers, a network is to be established and supported, which will enable qualified Palliative Care for seriously ill people in 25 villages in the vicinity of Ndolage.

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