Institutional Development Support to enable internationally recognized training and education at the Br. Tarcisius Prosthetics & Orthotics Training College (BTPOTC)

Project start
Organisation: Human Study e.V.
Partner country: Ghana
Partner organisation in partner country: Orthopedic Training Center - OTC, Nsawam

With well-adapted prostheses and orthoses, children with congenital or acquired disabilities can participate in a normal life, attend school, play and develop in a manner appropriate to their age.

This project supports the Br. Tarcisius Prosthetics and Orthotics Training College (BTPOTC) in Nsawam, through targeted further training of the subject teachers, to increase the level of training of the graduates in the long term so as to gain international recognition as a technical school for the training of Associate Prosthetists & Orthotists.

This creates a sustainable improvement in the supply of orthopedic aids, i.e. professionally good supplies of prostheses and orthoses for all people with disabilities in Ghana and the entire Anglophone West Africa region.

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