Healthcare for Change, Kenya

Project start
Organisation: Campus for Change e.V.
Partner country: Kenya
Partner organisation in partner country: Hope for Future, CMO Damascus, Damascus School, Macao School
Image: Schüler

Korogocho is infamous for being one of the poorest slums in Nairobi, estimated to house 300 000 people. Poverty, violence and sickness contribute to a major rise in health and security hazards. The lack of medical support, devastating hygiene standards and the country’s largest rubbish ground are the leading cause of malnutrition and disease.

In cooperation with the Diakonie Act Austria, we were able to establish regular, nutritious meals for 1000 schoolchildren at two schools, to improve health and educational outcomes. With the help of the National Hospital Insurance Fund we insured children with severe chronic diseases and prevented their possible financial ruin. Through the provision of a small school, we can now provide emergency medical care and conduct regular health screenings. Additionally, since the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic and in conjunction with our local partners, we have provided handwashing stations, masks, hand disinfectant, printed study material and created the opportunity to produce and distribute soap.  

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