Mother and Child Health

Ghana: Improving survival chances for mothers and children - securing livelihoods

Organisation: Das Hunger Projekt e.V. (The Hunger Project Germany)
Partner country: Ghana
Partner organisation in partner country: The Hunger Project Ghana
Image: Mutter with child

The chances of survival for mothers and children are unequally distributed worldwide and worse in Ghana compared to other countries. The mortality risk of women of child-bearing age and the mortality rate of children under 5 is high. Women play a central role in Ghanaian society. When a woman dies in childbirth families often fall into poverty and face chronic hunger. Basic needs can often no longer be met due to the loss of mothers. The project improves health services for 6,500 mothers and children to reduce maternal/child mortality in 15 village communities in Ghana. The project benefits 23,620 people and protects their livelihoods. Village community members are also engaged through educational awareness raising activities that promote the importance of healthy mothers and children.

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