EKFS finances two lines of funding in the humanitarian sector. The regular line of funding supports direct medical assistance for patients, measures towards improving medical infrastructure, and projects towards both training and advanced training in developing countries. Within the framework of the line of funding entitled Hospital Partnerships – Partners Strengthen Health Initiative, EFKS and the German Federal Ministry for Economic Co-operation and Development (“BMZ”) jointly finance partnership projects between German organisations in the healthcare sector and partners in countries worldwide.

Renewal applications for the continuation of a project may be submitted in justified cases after the project has ended, the final report and the funds utilisation statement have been submitted.

An application can be submitted at any time. Please refer to the following:


EKFS Information for Applicants [PDF]
EKFS Information on the Preparation of an Interim Report [PDF]
EKFS Information on the Preparation of a Final Report [PDF]
EKFS Funding Conditions [PDF]
EKFS Requirements for Funds Utilisation Statements [PDF]
Data protection information according to GDPR [PDF]
Dr. Judith von Heusinger
Medical-humanitarian Development Co-operation (hum. Funding)
Portrait Dr. Judith von Heusinger
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