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Overview of research focus. The direct and indirect crosstalk between HDL and chemokines/chemokine-receptors

Targeting immune-lipid crosstalk in cardio-metabolic diseases: focus on HDL dependent regulation of chemokine-receptor signaling

Institution: Institute for Molecular Cardiovascular Research (IMCAR)
University clinic RWTH Aachen
Applicant: Emiel van der Vorst
EKFS funding line: first application

The adverse effects of extended ischemic storage times, for instance, can be alleviated by a short period of subsequent hypothermic oxygenated machine perfusion.

Controlled rewarming as novel end-ischemic therapy for cold stored liver grafts (CORNET)

Institution: University Hospital Essen
Applicant: Thomas Minor
EKFS funding line: key project

EKFB scholar Dr. med. Gun-Soo Hong performs fluorescence microscopic imaging of immune cells participating in the formation of postoperative abdominal adhesions.

Congenital immunity and chronic organ dysfunction

Institution: University Hospital Bonn
Applicant: Prof. Dr. med. Jörg C. Kalff, Prof. Dr. med. Gunther Hartmann
EKFS funding line: Else Kröner-Forschungskolleg

Heidelberg Graduate School of Global Health

Promotionskolleg Global Health Heidelberg - Heidelberg Graduate School of Global Health

Institution: Heidelberg Institute of Global Health (HIGH), Heidelberg University
EKFS funding line: Else Kröner-Promotionskolleg

Dr. Lobmaier performing fetal cardiac function measurements

Fetal programming: Evaluation of cardiovascular remodeling in late-onset small-for-gestational-age fetuses and prediction of adverse birth and intermediate-term cardiovascular outcome- CURIOSA study

Institution: Frauenklinik, Klinikum rechts der Isar der Technischen Universität München
Applicant: PD Dr. Silvia M. Lobmaier
EKFS funding line: first application

Corneale confokale microscop (CCM) is a novel method to non-invasively investigate corneal innervation as a test for small fiber pathology.

Mechanism of small fiber pathology in fibromyalgia syndrome

Institution: Department of Neurology, University of Würzburg
Applicant: Univ.-Prof. Dr. med. Nurcan Üçeyler, MHBA
EKFS funding line: first application