Funding and Supporting an Individual Project

Towards funding and supporting an individual project designed for a long-term focus in the field of development co-operation in medicine the Else Kröner-Fresenius-Stiftung foundation is awarding funds amounting to EUR 2.5 million.
Call of Proposals: Humanitarian Funding

The funding resources are intended to serve to improve medical training and/or patient healthcare in a developing country (in accordance with the OECD DAC list of aid recipient countries). An existing or new project is supposed to be transformed into a multi-year project characterised by sustainability that shall be continued on a self-reliant basis by partners from the project country after funding has ended. The proposed project ought to be associated with the name of the foundation’s founder, Else Kröner.


Non-profit NGOs as well as universities and/or university institutes from Germany that have already worked successfully in the project country for several years in close co-operation with local partners and possess appropriate organisational structures can apply in order to sustainably anchor a project on a local scale. At least one partner organisation and a local person to contact in the project country must be designated. A co-operation commitment in writing from them is to be enclosed with the application.

The selection takes place via a multi-stage process. In the first step, interested applicants are requested to submit an informal outline up to five pages long. Alongside the portrayal of ongoing activities on-site and the partners currently implementing the project, the emphases should be above all on content-related, chronological and financial project planning, as well as on the scheduled handover to local partners. Following a preliminary screening, up to three applicants will be invited to submit full proposals.

We look forward to your application in electronic form only on the following address:

The following documents must be provided:

  • Draft proposal (max 5 pages)
  • Confirmation of the cooperation by local partners
  • Declaration of consent for the storage of data

The outlines can be submitted until 31 January 2019.

Dr. Judith von Heusinger
Medical-humanitarian Development Co-operation (humanitarian Funding)
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of consent of Applicant(s) for storage of data