Else Kröner Fresenius Stiftung

Else Kröner Exzellenzstipendium

Call for applications: Else Kröner Exzellenzstipendien 2017 for researching physicians

Once again this year, the Else Kröner-Fresenius Foundation is dedicating a competitive call for applications to the funding of qualified physicians who are outstanding in their clinical and research work (generally habilitated senior consultants). Three research fellowships are to be awarded.

Else Kröner Exzellenzstipendien are individual fellowships, which allow the candidate to take a two-year leave of absence from medical care, in order to deepen and further develop their already distinguished research work. Applicants must have completed medical residency training and show outstanding research achievements. They should have gained their postdoctoral qualification (habilitation) no longer than five years ago. The leave of absence must commence no later than 1 June 2018.

The fellows shall be remunerated on the basis of their existing salary up to a maximum of €120,000 p.a. It is also possible to apply for project-related material resources of up to €30,000 p.a.

Eligible to apply are doctors working at a university hospital or a medical faculty in Germany

The Else Kröner Exzellenzstipendien shall be awarded in a two-stage procedure this year for the first time (draft proposals and full applications). Draft proposals should please be submitted no later than 5 July 2017 by e-mail to kontakt@ekfs.de.

For more information see the Instructions for applying for an Else Kröner Exzellenzstipendium 2017.