Purpose of the Foundation

The Else Kröner-Fresenius-Stiftung is dedicated to advancing medical research and to supporting humanitarian aid. The foundation’s purpose is specified in Paragraph 2 of the Else Kröner-Fresenius-Stiftung’s statutes.
Büste von Else Kröner
  1. The purpose of the Foundation is the advancement of medical science, to occur predominantly in the areas of the research and treatment of diseases, including the development of instruments and preparations, for instance artificial kidneys. The Foundation may only fund and support research missions of a nature whose findings are accessible to the general public. The purpose of the Foundation is furthermore funding and advancement in the training of physicians or of other persons active in medical treatment and medical care, primarily in the area of dialysis, as well as funding and advancement of the education and training of especially talented pupils and students. 
  2. In observance of Section 53 of the German Fiscal Code (“AO”), the Foundation equally pursues benevolent objectives by supporting persons who are reliant upon the help of others due to a material hardship, above all in providing for their medical healthcare, or as a consequence of their mental, physical or emotional condition, including funding and support for victims of accidents and relief for them in old age. 
  3. The Foundation is able to fund and support projects domestically and abroad.
  4. To achieve the purposes of the Foundation pursuant to paragraphs (1) and (2) the Foundation itself becomes active and/or engages auxiliaries which pursue these purposes of the Foundation. The realization of objectives pursuant to paragraph (1) occurs in particular through the funding of scientific projects, the organization and staging of symposia, the awarding of Foundation professorships and fellowships, the funding of scientific publications, or via the allocation of resources toward the implementation of research proposals. 
  5. The Foundation is able to make resources available to other tax-privileged corporate entities, too. The Foundation can procure resources for the realization of tax-privileged objectives on the part of another corporate entity or for the realization of tax-privileged objectives via a corporate entity under public law; the procurement of resources for a corporate entity under private law with unlimited liability to pay taxes presupposes that said corporate entity itself bears a tax-privileged status (Section 58 clause 1. German Fiscal Code [“AO”]).